Funny Tv burp vids!

9 08 2010

The funnyiest Tv Burps vids from youtube.

well thats all for now!
jameshero =D


stamp secret!

30 07 2010

remember you can unlock pictures in your more than collecting stamps the more you collect stamps the more pictures you will get in your book.

Also Cp was thinking of acheivements more than stamps when they realised the stamps they undentifiend as acheivements for cp so in matter in fact.

~james hero

Gameing news and feild ops #7

28 07 2010

hello i found a new games are coming out soon lets see whats coming.

Halo reach-14th september 2010
blood stone 007-???????????

halo reach box art

007-Blood stone box art

(Cannont find Box Art)


follow one by one step instructions

1. click on your spy phone and click the gold badge button on your spy phone to get to the HQ.

2. Click the screen that says Field Ops and click Confirm.

3. Ok head for the beacon (light house) and go nearthe on and off switch that shall get to the mini game.

Mini game instructions: ok you need put all the power in each silver boxes beware of traps on the way. how to recharge the bhattery of the chip you need to get to home base.

4. after the minigame heres your chose 2 spend or save the medal for some expencive spy gear.

Spend option once you click confirm go to your spy phone and click the medal on your phone ”starter kit” is for non members but the rest is for members only.

save option: click confirm and go and play club penguin.

well thats it. CYA ~james hero~


21 07 2010

I found this music on newgrounds its totally awsome.

name:matrixstep (dubstep)

i cant put it on this blog but i know this is totally awsome!

field ops #6

20 07 2010

ok the this one is in the recycleing centre on the computer!

club penguin card of jitsue octinangol tin

19 07 2010

i found this new club penguin octinangol tin online

it might be sighn of card of jitsue water well we have to find out!

awsome animation!

18 07 2010

i made this animation on flash click to it full sized!  ITS IN WHITE CLICK BELOW AND YOU WILL VEIW IT DUHHHHH!